Match needs and options

  • What is the initial purpose of your purchase: do you want to use the place yourself, or do you want to rent it?
    We at offer real estate objects that can be rented for both long and short term. It is also important to acknowledge how much you are willing to spend on a purchase - this will save your time and will help to manage expectations.

  • You rarely can buy any real estate with no realtors involved. We firmly believe that craftmanship of realtors is outdated, as Jacks of all trades are usually masters of none. That is why share responsibilities - the investment model is calculated by an real estate investment expert, the documents are translated by a licensed translator, and supported by a licensed lawyer, and our area coordinators are happy to answer questions on object details, neighbourhoods, and all the lifestyle matters.

  • Our pricing is transparent and does not depend on the value of the object:

Get an access to expertise

  • Now we operate in Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic. 1117 objects are available in our catalog, all of them are heedfully picked by our agents - just make a choice.

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Сome and see

  • agent is not a typical realtor – he is a true host who is more than happy to meet guests. He will show the object so there are no questions left, walk the neighbourhood with you and will help you choose the best option over a cup of coffee.

  • Check the example of visit schedule

Get support at closing a deal

  • Our subject-matter experts execute all steps of a deal, bringing you in only if there is an action needed. In the nearest future our customers can track all the steps directly from the personal account.

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    Управление недвижимостью (краткосрочная арендра)
    Ипотека в Чехии
    Управление недвижимостью в Испании
    Ипотека в Испании и Португалии
    Ипотека в Испании

Earn money

  • Real estate is the easiest and most affordable investment tool. You can rent almost any apartment, and if you choose the right location – you can rent it quite expensive. No need to understand stocks and take the venture capital investments risks. Real estate provides a conservative income, but it always has value and does not have an expiry date.

  • The investment model example: